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Welcome! My name is Peter Strong, PhD; I am a Professional ONLINE THERAPIST and I offer online therapy via Skype for the treatment of anxiety, depression, addictions, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anger Management Online, Stress Management and treatment for PTSD and any other emotional problems that you may be struggling with. During these online therapy sessions I will teach you effective methods for working with your emotions and patterns of reactive-compulsive thinking using the well-established techniques of Mindfulness Therapy and Online Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I specialize in Mindfulness Therapy, which is particularly effective for anxiety and depression and you can learn more about this style of psychotherapy by reading the many articles on this site ONLINE THERAPY and by watching the videos on my main online therapy site and on my YouTube Online Therapy Video channel.

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Online Therapy Sites

Online Therapy Sites

Online therapy sites offering mindfulness therapy

There are many online therapy sites available now, some provide conventional talk therapy or counseling. My therapy site offers Mindfulness Therapy which is more focused on changing the underlying process that creates anxiety or depression by helping you break free from patterns of compulsive reactive thinking and the reactive behaviors that support and feed the underlying emotions. This form of online psychotherapy is very effective and most people can expect to see significant changes withing 3-6 sessions of mindfulness therapy. Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling an online therapy session.

Skype Therapy Service for Professional Help with Anxiety and Depression

Online therapy is becoming quite popular, and there are several distinct advantages to online treatment. One benefit is that it is typically far more comfy for you personally, the client, although convenience is definitely one among the main benefits of online treatment. It is much less intimidating than going to a therapist's office, and this can be essential, really, especially if you're suffering from social anxiety, stress or alternative kind of general anxiety. Feeling comfortable is vitally significant to assist you work with that anxiety, therefore the treatment choice that is web has district advantages for individuals suffering from stress.

Another benefit of therapy that is online is the fact that it lets you not only the right therapist to work with, but enables one to locate different types of psychotherapy than may be available in your geographic area. For instance, many individuals come to me that is what I offer online and because they are particularly enthusiastic about Mindfulness Therapy, that is my specialty.
Online Therapy Sites for Anxiety and Depression
Online Therapy Sites for Anxiety and Depression

Mindfulness Therapy is quite an powerful way of working with depression stress, and addictions, too. It enables you to change the root cause of your anxiety or depression or addiction by allowing you to form a therapeutic relationship by means of your stress or alternative emotions which helps transform that inherent cause. This is one reason why Mindfulness Therapy is becoming so popular, and is a unique attribute of Mindfulness Therapy.

If you're thinking about knowing more about Mindfulness Therapy and you would like to schedule a web-based treatment session, please see my website,, and email me, and then we are able to find a time that works for you personally and schedule a web-based therapy session via Skype. So, please visit my web site and CONTACT ME. Thanks!

Skype Therapy Sites

With the advent of videoconferencing over the internet it's now possible to talk to a therapist online and see him or her in real-time. The experience is just the same as if you were meeting in person. I've been working with therapy online for over 5 years years now. As far as I'm concerned there is no real difference between online or in-person therapy, especially if you're teaching some form of cognitive therapy or mindfulness therapy, as I teach, where the emphasis is on teaching skills for working with difficult emotions. This can be transmitted online through Skype just as well as it can in-person in the office.
Online Therapy Sites for Anxiety and Depression
Online Therapy Sites for Anxiety and Depression

The emotional issues that I most often work with are chronic anxiety, including social anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, chronic depression, stress management and PTSD, and many other emotional issues that affect the quality of life.

The variety of therapy that I provide via Skype is called Mindfulness Therapy. This is a modern form of CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy, that incorporates this one skill called mindfulness.

Really the whole focus of mindfulness-based CBT is to teach you how to form a different quality of relationship with your emotions, because this is the central problem right here. Most of us react to our emotions with aversion, resistance and avoidance. There's a stimulus in the environment, something happens, someone says something and then within a second or two we react with an emotional reaction. It becomes habitual. Then those habitual emotional reactions just run our life and we feel a victim to these habits.

The whole focus of mindfulness therapy is to learn to see these habitual reactions and through seeing them you begin to break free from their grip. Then you can begin to work on the underlying emotional energy that fuels that habitual emotional reaction. When you begin to neutralize the emotional energy that fuels the habit, then the habit cannot sustain itself and it begins to lose power and subside.

Mindfulness therapy is a very good choice for many people these days. It's becoming very popular, especially for treating anxiety and depression. If you would like to learn more about mindfulness therapy and how to schedule a Skype therapy session with an online therapist, please visit my website,, and send me an email through the contact form. Talk to me about the issues that you're struggling with and ask any questions you may have. I am happy to answer your questions, and then we can schedule a session. Wherever you live, in the USA or abroad, we can usually find a good time that will fit your schedule as well as mine. Please go over to my website and contact me today. Thank you.

Skype Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong, and I am an online therapist. I provide online counseling for anxiety via Skype.

During these online therapy sessions, and most sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes, I will teach you very specific techniques for working with anxiety and depression.
Online Therapy Sites for Anxiety and Depression
Online Therapy Websites for Anxiety and Depression

It's very important that you learn how to essentially meditate on your anxiety. You have to from a stable relationship with the anxiety that's non-reactive. Most of us simply react to our anxiety or other unpleasant emotions with avoidance or some form of aversion. We don't like these emotions and we try to get rid of them. This is actually the worst thing you could possibly do. hatred simply makes the anxiety grow stronger; any form of reactivity simply strengthens the anxiety.

What I have found, and many others in the field of Mindfulness Therapy, is that what really creates change and transformation is when we can hold the emotion in our conscious awareness without reacting to it with avoidance or aversion. When you do that you are learning how to effectively be with that painful feeling without becoming reactive and without becoming overwhelmed by it. This teaches the mind a totally different way of processing the emotion, and this effective way of being with the emotion without reacting allows the emotion to heal.

So, if you are interested in online therapy for anxiety, visit my website and contact me and then we can determine whether this approach of mindfulness therapy is right for you. So, visit my website and email me.

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Learn much more about Mindfulness Therapy Online for the treatment of Anxiety Disorders and Depression and for Addiction Counseling Online over Skype.
Visit my YouTube Channel: to learn about Online Therapy over Skype.
Online Therapy Sites
Online Psychotherapy Sites

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