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Welcome! My name is Peter Strong, PhD; I am a Professional ONLINE THERAPIST and I offer online therapy via Skype for the treatment of anxiety, depression, addictions, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anger Management Online, Stress Management and treatment for PTSD and any other emotional problems that you may be struggling with. During these online therapy sessions I will teach you effective methods for working with your emotions and patterns of reactive-compulsive thinking using the well-established techniques of Mindfulness Therapy and Online Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I specialize in Mindfulness Therapy, which is particularly effective for anxiety and depression and you can learn more about this style of psychotherapy by reading the many articles on this site ONLINE THERAPY and by watching the videos on my main online therapy site and on my YouTube Online Therapy Video channel.

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Therapy over Skype for Overcoming Anxiety

Therapy over Skype for Overcoming Anxiety

It is now possible to get effective therapy over Skype for overcoming anxiety and depression as well. Skype therapy is both convenient and effective. Learn more about therapy over Skype on my main online psychotherapy website and also watch more of the videos on my Youtube channel about online therapy  ( Contact me if you would like to schedule a Skype therapy session.

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I provide online therapy over Skype. Now it is an extremely convenient service for those who prefer staying at home to possess their therapy sessions that are online.

Whether you've a fear of driving, or if you are struggling with agoraphobia or anxiety, then the possibility of having therapy that is online over Skype becomes very appealing, indeed. And, since Skype allows you to see each other as well as speak to each other in real-time, there's truly no difference in the effectiveness of online therapy compared to traditional in-the-office treatment.

Whatever style of therapy you are thinking about, first do some research and determine that the style of psychotherapy is right for you personally. As an example, most of my clients do come for help with anxiety to me, and if you're working with anxiety, then I would thoroughly recommend Mindfulness Therapy or either CBT, which is precisely what i specialize in.

These approaches are rather different than traditional talk therapy and they help you truly alter the fundamental process, that habitual process that creates your anxiety, and this is something which counseling or conventional talk therapy is really not equipped to do. But, mindfulness or cognitive therapy therapy is extremely effective for assisting you to change those underlying patterns that create your anxiety.

If you are thinking about learning more about treatment over Skype and Mindfulness Therapy, do please read more of the posts there and go to my web page and see much more of the videos on my YouTube station and on the website and contact me. I shall be pleased to schedule a Skype therapy session and also to answer your questions.

Individuals actually love this strategy, it's much less intimidating than going into a therapist's office. It is a lot more suitable, along with the tactical as well as practical methods of mindfulness therapy are quite effective through Skype. So, please CONTACT ME and let us schedule a trial Skype therapy session. Thanks.

Therapy over Skype for Overcoming Anxiety