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Welcome! My name is Peter Strong, PhD; I am a Professional ONLINE THERAPIST and I offer online therapy via Skype for the treatment of anxiety, depression, addictions, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anger Management Online, Stress Management and treatment for PTSD and any other emotional problems that you may be struggling with. During these online therapy sessions I will teach you effective methods for working with your emotions and patterns of reactive-compulsive thinking using the well-established techniques of Mindfulness Therapy and Online Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I specialize in Mindfulness Therapy, which is particularly effective for anxiety and depression and you can learn more about this style of psychotherapy by reading the many articles on this site ONLINE THERAPY and by watching the videos on my main online therapy site and on my YouTube Online Therapy Video channel.

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Online Therapist Available to Help with Anxiety & Depression

Talk to an Online Therapist Now for Help with Anxiety and Depression

Talk to a therapist online via Skype

Contact me if you would like to talk to a therapist online now for help with anxiety, depression and for help with recovery from an addiction.

Learn more about Online Mindfulness Therapy for the treatment of Anxiety and Depression, Stress and PTSD, and for Addiction Counseling Online via Skype: Also visit my YouTube Channel to learn more about Online Skype Therapy:

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Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I am professional online therapist. I offer online therapy through Skype as an alternative method to help you mange anxiety or depression. If you would like to talk to a therapist online please go to my website (the link is below) and email me. Tell me about yourself and how I can help you and I will be happy to correspond with you first of all to answer your questions about online therapy and how to work with an online therapist.

There are many online therapists available now and this trend is becoming increasingly popular as people are seeking alternatives to the more clinical and less comfortable style of psychotherapy offered in traditional office settings. In my experience, people want to take more control of their growth process, they want to have more privacy as well and the online therapy format provides considerable greater privacy for you; its much less intimidating than going to a therapist's office.

So, this is one of the advantages of online therapy. Another advantage of course is that you may not have access to an online therapist. If you are living in a rural area or if you are living abroad there may not be the right kind of online psychotherapists available for you to visit with. So, online therapy is a tremendously good alternative if you are living abroad or if you are living in a region where there are no local therapists to work with.

So, this is another advantage of online therapy. There are many other advantages that we could explore, but the main thing is that the evidence is quite clear that online therapy is just as effective as meeting a therapist in his or her office, especially is we can work with each other through Skype. This means that we can see each other in real time as well as hear each other; so it's really no different than working with a therapist in their office.

So, please, if you are interested in online therapy and you would like to talk to a therapist online through Skype, do visit my website and email me.

The style of psychotherapy that I offer online is called Mindfulness Therapy and this is a form of cognitive therapy, or CBT, but it has much more focus on working with difficult emotions. It allows you to learn how to break free from patterns of emotional reactivity. It allows you to actually build a relationship with your difficult emotions, with your anxiety or depression or addiction without becoming overwhelmed by those emotions. And, this is an essential first step in recovery and in changing anxiety and depression.

If you want to break free from anxiety or depression or other difficult emotions you must establish a conscious and non-reactive relationship with your emotions.

Most of the time we don't do this. We fall into habits of aversion or avoidance; we don't like painful emotions, we try to run away from them, we try to suppress them, avoid them at all costs. But this has very negative consequences. If you avoid your emotions they cannot heal; they require your conscious awareness in order to change, in order to heal.

So, a very important part of Mindfulness Therapy is bringing this quality of consciousness to your emotions so that the healing process can take place. So, establishing Right Relationship with emotions is extremely important.

So, if you would like to speak to an online therapist through Skype, please do visit my website and send me an email and then we can discuss scheduling a session.

Most people using the Mindfulness Therapy approach that I offer online really enjoy this approach and they see tremendous benefits from their online therapy sessions very early on. The style of therapy is very much more focused than traditional talk therapy; it's really focused on changing those underlying patterns of emotional reactivity by directly working with emotions.

So, if you would like to schedule an online therapy session please contact me and introduce yourself and then we can find a time that works for you.

All you need for online therapy is an internet connection, Skype, of course, and PayPal to make your payments after completion of each session. Now, the first session is a Trial Session, which means that there is no upfront payment. Payment is dependent on satisfaction, so it is a way of trying this form of online Skype therapy to see if it works for you, to see if it is the right approach for you. And, if it's not there is no charge, but is it is and you wish to continue with me, and this is certainly the case for all of my clients - they really enjoy this approach and wish to continue working with me online - then you would pay for this session and we would schedule another session for the following week. Typically I see people once a week, usually sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes.

The purpose of the sessions, remember, is to help you better manage anxiety or depression; that's my function as an online therapist, and during these sessions I will teach you very practical mindfulness-based methods for working with anxiety and depression so that you can reduce the intensity of your anxiety or depression and eventually break free from these patterns of emotional reactivity altogether. Most people see significant improvements within 3-4 sessions.

So, please feel free to contact me and let's schedule an online therapy session for you. Thank you.

Online Therapist Available to Help with Anxiety & Depression
Online Therapist Available to Help with Anxiety & Depression