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Welcome! My name is Peter Strong, PhD; I am a Professional ONLINE THERAPIST and I offer online therapy via Skype for the treatment of anxiety, depression, addictions, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anger Management Online, Stress Management and treatment for PTSD and any other emotional problems that you may be struggling with. During these online therapy sessions I will teach you effective methods for working with your emotions and patterns of reactive-compulsive thinking using the well-established techniques of Mindfulness Therapy and Online Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I specialize in Mindfulness Therapy, which is particularly effective for anxiety and depression and you can learn more about this style of psychotherapy by reading the many articles on this site ONLINE THERAPY and by watching the videos on my main online therapy site and on my YouTube Online Therapy Video channel.

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Anxiety Counseling Online

Anxiety Counseling Online via Skype

Online counseling for anxiety via Skype

Anxiety Therapy Online

Online counseling for anxiety

online therapy for anxiety

online treatment for anxiety

online help for anxiety

Chronic anxiety is a very powerful emotion that can persist for a lifetime if it is not properly dealt with. It tends to start in childhood, when we are most vulnerable, and forms what is called a core emotion, a reservoir of emotional energy based around fear. We also tend to learn habitual patterns of reactivity - cognitive, behavioral and somatic reactivity that have associated triggers - around the core emotion that has the effect of feeding the core emotion, rather like feeding a fire with fuel. This secondary reactivity is a significant problem because it tends to keep the core emotion alive and prevents it healing and resolving.

A large part of Mindfulness Therapy is learning how to neutralize these habitual patterns of secondary reactivity, to stop feeding the fire!

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