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Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional online therapist. I provide online psychotherapy over Skype for the treatment of anxiety, depression, addictions and other emotional problems that you may be experiencing.

So, online psychotherapy is a very efficient and very effective way to get help with managing difficult emotions. During the online psychotherapy sessions I will teach you mindfulness-based methods, because Mindfulness Therapy is my specialty and I will teach you how to work with difficult emotions using mindfulness.

So, in online psychotherapy we are learning how to change our relationship to our thoughts and to our emotions. Most of the time we have a very poor relationship the thoughts and emotions in the mind; we tend to either try and avoid them or we react to unpleasant thoughts and emotions with some form of aversion or resistance. Now, on on the golden rules that is so important for you to understand is that any form of avoidance or aversion or resistance will simply reinforce the underlying patterns of reactive thinking and the underlying core emotion itself that is causing the problem. It's only when you bring consciousness and friendliness to the underlying emotions and negative thoughts that you can begin to regain some control and begin to produce change in those emotions and thoughts. This is a very important principle in mindfulness therapy and it is what we will be exploring in great detail during the online therapy sessions.

It's really learning how to essentially sit with your emotions in the same way that you might sit with a child who is in pain or a friend who is distressed in some way. You know that the most important thing that you can do is to be present with them - to be present with an open mind and an open heart. Being present with an open mind, well that's the development of consciousness. Being present with an open heart, well that's developing the friendliness aspect of mindfulness that is so powerful for producing healing.

When you develop a relationship based on consciousness and friendliness then you are learning essentially how to be present with your emotions, with your thoughts, with your painful memories, with your trauma, without becoming lost in the habit of reactivity. If you do not feed that habit of reactivity then you create the right conditions in which emotions and thought patterns can begin to change. You begin to regain choice and some sense on control.

So, developing a relationship that is conscious and friendly is absolutely central to producing change in anxiety or depression, trauma, and also for overcoming compulsive emotions and addictions. Learning to sit with the contents of your mind is central. In that process, of course, you are developing a new identity, a new sense of your self as not being the contents of your mind. You are learning to break free from that identification with the contents of your mind. You are learning to be the observer, a much bigger sense of your self, it is the one that is able to be aware and conscious with the contents of mind, and this is central for producing healing.

So, if you would like to learn more about online psychotherapy and working with a therapist via Skype, please go to my website, and email me. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about online therapy and the process of mindfulness therapy and what to expect during these Skype therapy sessions. So, please go to my website and email me and I will tell you in great detail about online psychotherapy and how it can help you with your specific needs.

Online Psychotherapy Service

Welcome. I'd like to talk to you today about online psychotherapy. My name is Peter Strong, and I am an online therapist. I live in Boulder, Colorado, but I offer an online counseling service, available worldwide for anyone
who is seeking help with overcoming anxiety and depression, or any other form of emotional suffering.

Now, why choose online psychotherapy? Well, this is becoming very popular these days mainly because of the convenience. Many people do not have the time in their busy life schedules to commute often into the center of a city to meet with a therapist in person. People living in rural communities often don't have access to a therapist, or their choices are so limited that they're not able to get the kind of help that they are looking for.

Now the online therapy route, of course, gives people a much broader range of options to seek the kind of person that they really want to work with and the kind of approach that they feel is best for them.

So if you are interested in online therapy, please visit my website, read the pages, learn about the style of therapy that I offer, which is called Mindfulness Therapy. Please contact me with your questions, and let's talk about scheduling a session together to help you overcome your specific emotional issues. Thank you.

online psychotherapy via Skype

Let an Online Psychotherapist help you overcome anxiety or depression

Would you want to talk to an online therapist for anxiety?

I offer online therapy via Skype for stress, depression and other mental difficulties. I work with individuals in America and abroad. All you need for online therapy is a good internet connection and PayPal and Skype.

Generally, during these treatment sessions that are on-line, I instruct you how you can work with those reactive thoughts that create the stress. This really is the most crucial measure that we want to really concentrate on altering. For most of US, we tend to become very identified with one of these thoughts that are reactive. We become, essentially, a sufferer of these stress-producing ideas. But, with Mindfulness Treatment, we learn just how to break free from the grasp of those reactive thoughts. We learn the way to become independent from them, and in this process we learn the best way to stop feeding the stress-producing thoughts themselves.

So, if you are thinking about speaking to a web-based therapist to get help with stress, do please visit my site (the link is below) and contact me. I believe you will discover this strategy extremely powerful. It is definitely much more efficient than the old style "talk therapy" because we are working on altering the underlying process that causes your stress. And, it's far more preferable than using drugs. Something similar applies: they don't change the inherent process of believing that is reactive that causes your nervousness although drugs may provide a short-term relief.

Therefore, if you'd like to talk to a web-based therapist for anxiety and emotional stress, please CONTACT ME NOW and we'll schedule a Skype therapy session. Thanks!


online psychotherapy with a psychotherapist over Skype

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