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Welcome! My name is Peter Strong, PhD; I am a Professional ONLINE THERAPIST and I offer online therapy via Skype for the treatment of anxiety, depression, addictions, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anger Management Online, Stress Management and treatment for PTSD and any other emotional problems that you may be struggling with. During these online therapy sessions I will teach you effective methods for working with your emotions and patterns of reactive-compulsive thinking using the well-established techniques of Mindfulness Therapy and Online Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I specialize in Mindfulness Therapy, which is particularly effective for anxiety and depression and you can learn more about this style of psychotherapy by reading the many articles on this site ONLINE THERAPY and by watching the videos on my main online therapy site and on my YouTube Online Therapy Video channel.

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Online Therapy Sites

Online Therapy Sites

Online Therapy Sites using Skype

Welcome. There are many online therapy sites available now to help you manage your anxiety or depression or even to work for recovery from addictions.

Some of these sites are quite well established and most of them, from my experience, offer, essentially a listening service, which is useful; it's good to be able to talk about your emotions and the difficulties that you are struggling with.

My online therapy site, really specializes in teaching you very specific practical ways of working with anxiety and depression or addiction or other emotions, that help you overcome that underlying emotional habit itself. We want to break free from the limitations of our emotional reactivity, our habits, and we do this by working with those emotions using mindfulness.

Mindfulness Therapy is, in my opinion, the most effective strategy for working with anxiety and depression. It actually teaches you how to form a conscious relationship with your emotions, instead of simply being overwhelmed by your emotions, which is, of course, the emotional habit.

It's only when you can develop a conscious relationship with your emotions, to sit with your emotions without becoming reactive that you can begin to produce changes in that emotional habit. This is a very central teaching in Mindfulness Therapy.

During the Skype therapy sessions I will show you exactly how to do this, and because it is such a focused method, you are likely to see very significant improvements in your anxiety or depression after far fewer sessions of talk therapy. We are looking at changing the underlying mechanism itself.

So, there are a few online therapy sites offering this kind of process-oriented approach; some offer CBT or cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is similar to Mindfulness Therapy in many ways. That works, of course, with the thinking level, the reactive habits of thinking that produce problems in the mind.

Mindfulness Therapy works with habitual thought patterns as well, but the focus is much more on changing the emotions themselves, because they are what fuel reactive thinking and reactive behaviors. Until you can change those emotional habits you will not be able to change either reactive thinking or behavioral reactivity such as addiction.

So, if you are interested in learning more about my online therapy site, go to my website and watch more of the videos that I have on that website, and then CONTACT ME via email and I will be happy to talk to you about how I can help you through Mindfulness Therapy overcome your specific emotional problems.

As I say, Mindfulness Therapy is very effective and it works extremely well through Skype. So please, go to my website and CONTACT ME. Thank you.